Friday, August 05, 2005

I am Peter Andrist and I reside in Switzerland. I was so moved, touched and outraged by the false conviction of Sherman D. Manning I told him to write a book. He wrote 12! Most recently "From the Palace to the Prison" at . I want you to get it today. I would like your comments on injustice, celebtrity justice and the price of justice in America. We may use your comments in a book. We can/will also use photos. We aim to entertain, inform and inspire. If you know of a Oaris Hilton, Timothy Goebel, Johnny Weir, Oprah, Halle Berry, Anthony Fedorov or Clay Aiken look-a-like send us the photo. My main goal is to tell the stories of injustice in ways the youth will find interesting. You do that by being candid, humorous and inspirational.
I would like some of you to drop Sherman a line at Sherman D. Manning J98796, MCSP A2-240, P.O. Box 409020, Ione CA 95640.
Call those talk shows i.e. the Bev. Smith Show, Randi Rhodes, Larry King, Doug Banks and Christine Craft and mention "From the Palace to the Prison" ( I need some of you to get a thousand copies of this book for Oprah´s Angel Network in Chicago Illinois, the Montel Williams Show in New York and/or your church. They will give them to people that can not afford.
Please get the books today at and email me or leave a comment. Thanks!

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